Frozen & Still

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Things to remember:

Life is always in motion. Even when all seems frozen still.
And even when consumed by dense grey clouds; the sun continues to shine.

If we’re lucky we respond to the whispers to “look up” just in time to witness the beautiful moments that life presents us with.

We try to capture it, preserve it somehow. As though we already know it’s value. As though we already sense the longing we’ll have for it, once it passes us by and the moment has gone.
Because beauty deserves to be preserved, embraced, adored! Who knows when the next beautiful moment is going to appear?

And what if that moment was the last one..? And so snap we do. Instagrammed moments of ecstasy. To share the beauty with others, to let it swell and take us all in its presence.
Except the magic of the moment, even with a filter, is almost always diminished once beauty is transferred from the souls eyes to a small screen.

Still, the intention is there. To bear witness to as many beautiful moments in our lives as possible, and to share the beauty back out there with the world.
Truth is, of course, that the best moment; the most beautiful, that fill us with joy and peace and love and contentment… is this moment. Right now.
And there is always beauty to be found in the now.


Let us not be tempted to cling to the moments of the past, not to live in the abstract pool of memories, nor in the fear of an unknown future.
But instead let’s be here now. Soak it all up in this moment.
Because tomorrow the canvas will inevitably be altered.
And there’ll be a new beauty to behold. ❤

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