Sensitivity is not a Weakness.

February 23rd 1984. The sun in motion at 4° in the constellation of Pisces.

Water energy. That’s what I’m working with here.

Large eyes from which oceans may tumble and truths may be seen in technicolour.

Legs more like fins. A little unstable on dry land, but gracefully treading the waters below surface.

We like to swim. It’s what we’re good at. Plunging to the deepest darkest depths when others remain in shallow waters. We do shadows and light. We can’t help it. We feel both.

Emotions flood this particular Piscean like the ever-changing British weather on a daily basis. Like a cloud I can’t help but to soak up collective emotional energy. I just hope when I express it it has the same affect as the heavens rain. Providing nourishment for everything in her wake.

Astrology is an energetic language that feels quite native to me. I care not that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, it isn’t supposed to be, but it has always spoken beautifully to me throughout my life.

As a little girl, sensitive to all around me I often felt like a fish outta water.

I know now I bob along that blurred line, swimming between the esoteric world and this one, at times more comfortable bathing in the shadows of that which we cannot see, for good reason.

It’s part of my purpose here.

All my life I felt that my sensitivity to feel another souls pain was a weakness. Now I embrace my empathic nature, knowing that I no longer need to anchor myself to another souls pain. Nor to wear another’s scars like hooks embedded in my flesh.

Instead I continue to filter what I can, to create my own currents and trust that my scales will reflect the light back to others.

Happy Birthday to my fishy friends 😂 And love to all the empaths fighting the good fight.