Deep Diving & Piscean Healing

Yesterdays New Moon and all this Piscean energy. Oh my. I’ve barely slept in days.

I always think I’ll fair well with Pisces, my sun sign, especially with Neptune at home. Alas this has been deep! Even for me.

In my old life, I might have wallowed for a few days with this kinda energy. Drowned myself in chocolate and distraction. Or worse I might have victimised myself in it. Allowing a fearful mind to cast itself as the role of victim in whichever circumstances I may have found myself in.

But I know better than that now.

We are exposed to energies in every single moment in this life, energies we cannot necessarily perceive with our limited senses. (Especially if our minds are constantly absorbed in the past or worrying about the future.)

When you sit next to a stranger on the bus and you feel oddly uncomfortable. When you just ‘know’ something without your logical brain ‘knowing’ why you know it. When your body involuntarily shudders and you say, ‘someone just walked over my grave.’

Energy. That’s the name of the game.

But if your heart and your head are not in alignment with one another and your heart feels these energies, your (lovely logical problem-solving) mind will go into panic mode.

It will literally invent logical ‘reasons’ to justify why you’re feeling the way that you are.

Cue the violins. Cue the lists. (My mind likes to make lists.) And ego is well away. Providing a whole host of (pretty imaginative – credit where it’s due) reasons to feel like shit.

We literally invent reasons to justify the otherwise unexplained presence of the energies we feel.

And whilst the lists we invent for ourselves may be founded on our past experiences; worries and woes, things we’ve seen on TV, facts we think we know to be true, all good reasoning; they really serve as little more than a distraction from the truth.

Pay close attention. Breathe and absorb and let your mind rest a little. That’s what it takes to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fact from fiction. Love from fear.

When you understand that you are not your thoughts, nor your emotions you’ll see instead that they are there to signal something to you. Something bigger than your habitual thought patterns.

This was my discovery. A nugget of truth that first resonated in remembrance with my soul and is now slowing making its way into the depths of my cranium. Where it can strengthen and replace all old belief patterns and behaviours as it does so.

Because I know better than that now (a reminder to self.)

So now, when the energies rush into me I recognise them. Embrace them even. Let them soak into every pore of my being in the knowledge that they can’t stay. Everything is temporary.

Emotional waves; pushing and pulls, occur naturally throughout this universe. The tides, the currents, the pumping of the blood in your veins.

And we are merely vessels for this emotion.

Emotion. Always moving.

So now I know better. I know to release. To cry until I can do nothing else but ponder where this endless salty water falling from my eyes is coming from…?

(Cry. Do it. You’ll feel better.)

I know to express. To take any pain and let it speak through me. To let it be seen and heard and ffs acknowledged. Because all pain deserves recognition.

I know to honour these emotional waves when they hit, with my words and creations.

Without becoming attached to any pain. Without somehow identifying with it.

I know to let it wash over me.

Because that’s how we release. That’s how we heal. And this Piscean energy is all about the healing

Pisces will dive deep, scan the nooks and crannies of the emotional ocean bed and allow anything that needs attention, that needs releasing, to float to the surface.

I’ve got used to swimming in the deep end. It’s where I go to do all of my healing. Alas this time I almost ran out of air.

Today, a duvet of fluff in leau of the sky, a wind roaring furiously, bemused daffodils, naked in the snow and leaning away from the chill, tells me it’s not over.

Everything is frozen. Standing still. While the wind filters the energy and the clouds soak up the excess water.

And so I’ll do the same. Keep still a little longer and face the final chills. Safe in the knowledge that when the snow melts I’m gonna feel every drop of nourishing moisture in its wake.

And I’ll be so ready to welcome headstrong Aries and those trailblazing fire vibes with open arms.