They are ours only to love… And only for a short space of time…

This is the first point in my life where I am void of the comfort, compassion and companionship that comes from sharing ones home and heart with other creatures.

All my life I adored them. And it didn’t matter what form they came in, be it feathered or furry, so long as I could look into their eyes and feel the connection.

Kind, gentle, funny, loving, knowing and faithful. We are blessed to share our planet with them and cursed if we’re arrogant enough to believe ourselves of higher value.

One by one I’ve said goodbye. Nursed the horrendous void left when we’ve had to part ways.

And lately I’ve been feeling really emotional about the emptiness that I sense now I don’t have a creature to love, in my daily life.

Chickens and ducks, goats, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits… I would talk to them, feed them, build them homes, hold them, love them from a distance and now nothing. Not since my goldfish, the last of the tribe, died a few months back.
And I miss them more than I can say.

Circumstances dictates I’m unable to share my life with animals right now. And I don’t know if I ever will… I don’t think I believe in ‘pets’ anymore. I can’t get my head around how we slaughter and torture some and then drag others around on leads calling them ‘ours’. They’re not ours. Not to keep, eat, test, carve, torment, enslave. They are ours only to love. And only for a short space of time.

Remember you keep your dog or cat only because these animals were the first to be domesticated. Your dog and that bit of flesh you’re putting into your body? Yeah. There’s no difference.

Missing the love, but so grateful for the memories and the lesson learnt ❤❤❤

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