“You’ve changed,” they say.
And I want to laugh.
As though I could have done anything but?
As though I could withstand an inferno and emerge unaltered…?

“You’ve changed,” they say. But it isn’t a compliment.

They didn’t expect it. They didn’t see it coming. And now it’s here; political, passionate, vegetarian 👀 in all its unfamiliarity. They’re not sure they like what they see.

“You’ve changed,” they say. Sour and sorrowful.
And I want to whisper… “Look Closer.” It’s the same light I came in with. It’s been here all along. I’m sad that you didn’t see it before. I’m sad that I didn’t show you.

“You’ve changed,” they say.
And I want to cry.

Because life is change and people grow. And if we’re lucky we get to grow into ourselves. And they don’t need to tell me. I can feel myself continuously shifting shape. I AM changing.

Yet this was always who I was and who I was destined to be…🔥

“You’ve changed,” they say.
Oh I do hope so… After all is that not the nature of the game?


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